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win-cash-prizesHumans are competitive by nature.  We love to compete, and we love to win. In our “want/need to lose weight society,” it’s no surprise that weight loss competitions have become so popular over the past several years. From a local pool with your coworkers all the way to a popular, dramatized TV show, these competitions are filled with people who have their eyes on the prize and are out to win the entire challenge. Unfortunately, many people dismiss the prospect of joining one because they feel they have no chance of winning itself. In a weight loss competition, however, winning the challenge doesn’t have to be your only possible—and positive—outcome. There are many less appreciated reasons why joining a weight loss competition will not only up your weight loss game but can enhance your health journey as a whole. Here are my favorite five from our past 6-Week Challenge participants.

Writing down your goal ups your chance for success.

There is just something about a written commitment that makes you more serious about a goal.  In the 6-week challenge, participants get the chance to sit down with one of our health and fitness professionals to talk goals and get a plan together.  When you take the time to set a goal that is realistic for you and to get advice from a professional, you’ll be much more likely to identify a realistic plan to get you to your goal and to achieve long-term success.  You don’t want to go into the challenge just thinking you want to lose weight. You’ll need to consider what habits you want to change or begin, such as eating a protein rich breakfast or more servings of vegetables each day.

You’ll benefit from a new set of tools.

You should always be refreshing and refilling your tool box when it comes to your health. Any weight loss competition should help provide some of those tools to get you started.   Participants also get weekly emails with reminder tips and education around the next upcoming event.  If you are entering a local or workplace competition, encourage your coworkers to provide weekly tips to each other or schedule some sort of weekly activity.

You’ll enjoy camaraderie and accountability.

IMG_2380The best way to learn is from each other.  Weight loss competitions provide a community of people who are all in the motivation. Everyone is there for similar reasons and wants to achieve certain goals.  You are able to weigh in together, share successes and obstacles, and be with people who you know are going through the same experience.  I’ve had many past participants of our 6-week Challenge tell me they’ve met their best friends while doing challenge together.  Building these types of relationships are helpful for finishing the challenge as well as staying on track after the challenge is over.  It’s also important to grab hold of people you trust during your challenge who you can share your goals with as well as your struggles.  You can offer each other positivity and support along the way.

Habit becomes habit becomes habit.

It takes time to break old habits and form new ones.  Most weight loss challenges are around the 6-week mark for a reason.  It not only provides a realistic time frame to see big changes in health and weight but also provides ample time to practice those new, life-changing recommendations over and over until they become habit.  When thinking about changing your lifestyle, 6 weeks, 42 days doesn’t always sound or feel like and intimidating “forever.” 6-week Challenge participants often focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.  Once they get to the finish line, however, they are so used to those changes that forever may not seem so bad.

You’ll gain the advantage of multiple finish lines.

A weight loss competition not only has one big finish line at the end but weekly ones as well, whether it be your weekly goal for weight loss or a weekly achievement of trying a new fitness class or healthy behavior.  The point is, once you complete one goal your motivation naturally increases to keep achieving them and encourages you to stay on your path.  And at the end of your weight loss challenge, you should be planning out your next goal.  Past 6-Week challengers have described wanting to run a marathon or 5K or even compete in a fitness show after completing their first weight loss challenge.  Whatever the goal, make sure you stick to your commitment (whether you achieve your initial goal or not) to enjoy the major sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  What do you have to lose?t300-wlc logo black

Is Your Metabolism Broken?

“My metabolism just doesn’t work.”

Famous loaded statement I hear daily as a personal wellness coach.  And let’s face it.  The silhouette is definitely getting bigger here in America and around the world.  I could take the time to quote the statistics.  They are staggering.  But a picture is worth 1,000 words.  And for those of you who have trouble reading the statistics, just know that if you struggle with weight, you are not alone!!!


Obesity has become an epidemic.  Can the metabolism of every person who struggles with weight really be broken?  Before you throw in the towel, take a look at some simple things that have happened over the past few decades.


Portion Sizes have dramatically increased

Take a look at these photos.




#2 Junk Food is Eaten on a Daily Basis

Foods that were once eaten only occasionally are now consumed on a daily basis.  Not only that, we start feeding these junk foods to our children almost immediately.  Once they can gnaw or chew.




#3 We don’t as many fruits and vegetables

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables should be consumed on a daily basis.  But this is how many who actually do.


So, before you declare that your metabolism is broken, let’s see if any of these mega-trends are true for you.  And if they are, what is the solution?

Check out our solutions here on this website.  Check out our FREE accountability groups.

Whatever your struggle, know there are solutions.  Know that I personally have overcome this struggle and maintained my healthy BMI for 4 years now.  It is possible.  Here are some tips.

#1 Use a Meal Replacement Shake Instead of Skipping Meals or Eating Fast Food

#2 Join A Group that Will Help You Stay Accountable

#3 Make Changes You Can Do for A Lifetime

Want more Info?  Try a 3-day Trial of Our Program!


Written by Darya Rose

Couch Potatoe

Have you ever started a new habit with a lot of enthusiasm and built up some great momentum? Maybe you were able to work out 3 times a week for an entire month. It feels great, and every day you stick with it you’re resolved to continue tomorrow.

But then something happens. You have to go away to a wedding for a long weekend, or your kids both get sick at the same time and force you to drop everything to care for them.

Your momentum is broken, and when things settle down, you find yourself ordering takeout and skipping your workout to watch the latest episode of The Voice (it’s cool, I won’t tell anyone).

Momentum can be both a blessing and a curse. When it’s on your side, you feel amazing and it becomes a catalyst for even more positive behaviors. When it’s against you, it somehow saps the motivation out of almost everything you do. I call this lazy couch momentum.

To avoid succumbing to the lazy couch momentum I follow one simple rule:

Don’t skip two workouts in a row.

We all have days when we’re too tired/grumpy/stressed/upset to stick to our normal schedules, and that’s totally fine. Take a load off. You deserve it (even if you think you don’t).

What you don’t want is for it to become the new normal. You can avoid this by not giving in twice and letting lazy couch momentum build.

This is one of the few times in your life when it is smart to muster up some willpower and just make it happen. No excuses, just put on your sneakers and walk out the door.

You don’t have to work out at full intensity if you don’t want to. If you normally go for a run, just go for a walk if that will get you out the door. I don’t care if you just go to the gym and stretch for 20 minutes. Just do something physical. Anything. You won’t regret it.

What’s important is that you don’t let lazy couch momentum build. You take away its power by not feeding it consecutive victories. Before you know it, you’ll be back in your normal routine.

Once lazy couch momentum does build though, it is a lot trickier to free yourself. So it’s best not to let that happen.

But what if whatever interrupted your routine lasts a while, like an injury or long vacation? Obviously you shouldn’t force yourself to exercise if it will hurt you in some way.

However, the first week that things are back to normal, you should reinstate the “don’t skip two” rule. If before your interruption you had a routine of working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it’s fine to take Monday off to recuperate without any guilt.

But get back in the saddle on Wednesday.

Again, this isn’t about torturing yourself; it’s about momentum. For that reason it doesn’t matter what activity you do. Just don’t skip two workouts in a row.

You can use a similar strategy for other habits as well, like cooking or meditation. Simply managing your momentum by doing some version of your habit—like buying a rotisserie chicken instead of roasting your own, or taking a few deep breaths in a quiet place—instead of skipping it completely twice in a row can help keep your habit intact.

Ready to Get Started?

Darya Rose
Darya Rose, Ph.D, is the author of Foodist, and creator of Summer Tomato, one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites. She eats amazing things daily and hasn’t even considered going a diet since 2007.

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Go Ahead; Hit Me Up!

Loneliness, overeating. Loneliness, drug use. Loneliness, drinking alcohol. Loneliness, shopping. Loneliness, doping… Hello, my name is Tonia. For better or worse, hit me up. I’m sorry; I love you. No one needs to be alone.

by LA Emrich

“Hello, my name is Luke.  I’m an alcoholic.”  Every addiction recovery meeting starts with this type of introduction.  “Hi, my name is ____________, and my addiction is ____________.”  Though I’ve never been in a position where I’ve had to introduce myself in this way, I can imagine how vulnerable and deeply felt such an introduction would be.

While in high school, drugs and alcohol were easily accessible.  However, I never touched any of it not because I didn’t want to, but because I was terrified of facing my dad once I was caught.  Everyone eventually gets caught; it’s just a matter of time.  Don’t get the wrong idea, my dad was awesome.  I was terrified largely because I didn’t want to disappoint him.  My family was very close and loving.  I had a healthy sense of belonging, along with a deep sense of knowing that what we

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July 15, 2015

by Colette Carlson

Ah, summer. Hey, remember at the beginning of the year when some of you made those New Year’s resolutions to stop smoking, lose weight, exercise more, think positively… and on and on? And then, remember how easy it was to slide back into old patterns about six days later? Hmm. Change is big. It’s scary. But we’re more than halfway into the year and I’m here to tell you, you don’t want to hit January again with the same resolution. How boring. How tedious. How last year!

What to do? Put one foot in front of the other, for a start. You need to lose weight? Exercise more. You need to think positively? Give yourself a mirror mantra every day. You need to quit smoking? Buy yourself some nicotine gum. Find a new career? Make three calls today.

Change starts in small ways. I’m not expecting you to be smoke free by the end of tomorrow. Nor do I think you’ll have dropped those stubborn 10 pounds by Thursday or looked in the mirror and found out you all of a sudden look exactly like Demi Moore or Ashton Kusher (who does?!). What I do expect is every day you’re on your way to accomplishing your goals—whatever they may be.
I know what you’re thinking. Believe me, I do. And this time of year is the perfect time to get motivated to make those changes. The weather’s great and you’ve got friends coming round for barbecues in the backyard—use them. They’re your support group!

Stay connected with us on Facebook to continue to get support and encouragement as well as stay up to date with free group support events
Here’s some helpful tips to take those steps to your daily dose of change:
1. Devote at least 15 minutes a day to your change. Even if it’s just a walk around your neighborhood, one cigarette less, or going to the library and reading a career resource guide, do it. Mix it up, too. For instance, no one wants to be stuck doing some tedious workout regime. It makes it seem so much more miserable, doesn’t it? So pick up the paddle ball set, the tennis rackets or the Frisbee and go spend time with your family.

2. Fork over the truth. Until I decided to get honest with myself about why I was reaching for chips instead of taking healthy risks, I thought it was all about the food. In reality, I was getting a huge payoff for stuffing food down my face—I got to play it safe. What’s your payoff for not changing? Until you can get real, you’ll never be able to stick with your plan. Behavior modification teaches us that we repeat behavior that makes us feel good. What that means to you is until the goal becomes larger than the payoff, you’re always going to choose feeling good over feeling uncomfortable.

3. Set realistic goals. Instead of concentrating on losing 20 pounds in 20 days, make it simply to begin by eating five fruits and vegetables a day for five days. I truly believe that good choices lead to more good choices (unfortunately it works the other way, too!). Don’t expect an overnight miracle or body transformation. Rather, spend time developing this new pattern of behavior before adding anything else to your plate; in other words, one behavior at a time. Too many of us live in the all or nothing round. “I’ll only eat healthy foods, exercise daily and look for a new career—all at the same time.” I don’t think so.

Check out our 14-day Challenge!

4. Never eliminate. Replace. When I go to the movies, I want popcorn. My husband only chooses the heavily buttered and salted type, so I sneak in my Jolly Time 94 percent fat free buttered popcorn. If I simply tried to eliminate eating popcorn at the movies while he was munching next to me with sheer delight, I’d probably find my hand coated with grease before the previews were over. If your goal includes eliminating a specific behavior, it must be replaced with a new behavior if you want permanent change. If we don’t substitute a behavior, we end up creating a big void that leads to obsessive thinking, which eventually leads to falling back into old patterns.

5. Create a supportive environment. Very few people are able to get where they’re going on their own. We all need encouragement and support throughout our journey of change. For you, maybe that’s a friend to hold you accountable or a group that is likeminded in where they want to go. There is power in numbers, and we can use this to our advantage.

Check out our Group Supported 14-Day Challenge!

 I won’t kid you—change isn’t easy. Yet it’s something you can achieve as long as you’re not looking for the quick-fix but are willing to make daily choices that will bring you lasting results. Sure, some days you’ll have setbacks, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel. It’s simply an opportunity to recommit yourself to your goal. Have fun with it.

So, here’s the scenario…  You start to make some positive changes for your health.  You start to seek out ways to eat healthy and begin the transformative journey.  You are feeling hopeful, yet a little scared.  You’ve tried before but haven’t gone all the way.  But you are determined this time, it’s going to be different.  You are so sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable, self-conscious, and listening to your own negative thoughts.  You know it’s time to DO SOMETHING!  And you do!  You start, you go for it, and you start to really see some r228ca513c6b426c58939f9820326243besults!  You start to believe you can go all the way!  You still have self-doubt, but you are not going to stop.

But just when you start to get comfortable with your changes, invariably, the outside negativity comes at you.  As if it’s not enough to battle and overcome your own negativity and self-doubt…  Seemingly out of nowhere, from expected or unexpected sources.  Yes, enter your well-meaning (or not) negative friends and family…

Just for you, I have come up with some humorous and disarming ways to respond to all the nay-sayers so you can be free to walk on…  or run forward in your journey of wellness.  Check out our 14-day challenge

1.  Smile and say “You know I just love you, right?”…  When someone comes up with criticism and I give them this response, they seriously don’t even know what to do!  It can disarm them long enough that they change the subject…  But that’s not enough for some.  Then you move on to #2.

2.  “Would you like to rephrase that comment?”  And they will immediately want to imagesknow what you mean by that or feel uncomfortable and retract.  The truth is, you are doing something good for you, and you can lovingly demand people you love to be supportive.  They don’t have to join you in the changes, but they can learn to use supportive language, even if they’re not used to doing so.

3.  Drop down and start doing pushups or burpees, then stand up and say, “Wow!  That felt good!”  Sometimes negative people like to secretly be negative.  They don’t like to call attention to their put-downs.  By exerting yourself like that, you release endorphins and change the whole dynamic of the conversation by showing your commitment to your heath.  They usually won’t attempt it again.

4.  “Really?  I was thinking you would be my accountability partner.  Now what am I going to do?”  That one is especially fun.  Who knows, maybe they have been toying with the idea of making some changes, and negativity is their way of dealing with it.  Whatever the case, the reactions can be fun to this one.  Check out our 14-day challenge

5.  Start to sing “Happy” and dance.  No explanation needed.


6.  Say something encouraging.  And then end with, “I could use encouragement from you too.  I am really working hard.”  And if the friend or family member can’t respect that, then number 7 is for them.

Lead with Positivity

7.  Just smile and walk away.  Yes, it’s okay to walk away from influences that will not help you get healthy.  You don’t need that in your life.  It separates your friends from the people you know.walkaway

If you are ready to get started on your health journey, check out our 3-day trial of our program or our 14-day challenge.  Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our healthy lifestyle events!


A bad start to a day can be difficult to overcome.  Whether you wake up to a cranky spouse, aches and pains, sick kids, a day that you dread…  There are some things that you can do to set your day up to hold some redeeming qualities and ACTUALLY BE A GOOD DAY!

1.  Make a List

Start your day by taking a moment to order it.  Write down the things you NEED to do and the things you WOULD LIKE to do.  Once it’s on paper, you can focus your mind to accomplish it.  Write down everything.  It helps you stay focused and on track with the things that need to be done.  It also helps at the end of the day to look at all you’ve accomplished!images

2. Give Thanks

Connecting to your gratitude first thing in the morning helps you begin the day with affection in your heart. As soon as you open your eyes, get into the habit of considering one thing you’re thankful for. It can be the same thing every day or something different: your spouse; a beloved pet; the book on your nightstand; your job; the sun, which finally peeked its head after days of rain and fog. If you like, jot down what you’re grateful for in a journal, or even snap a photo of it.


3.  Breathe Deeply

Even when you’re super rushed in the morning, you can always spare a minute to take several slow, deep breaths. Doing so calms you down and grounds you in the present moment.

4.  Find Joy


Do one thing that brings you joy. Maybe that’s cuddling with your partner, or playing with your kids. Maybe that’s 10 minutes of silence while savoring your cup of tea. Or maybe it’s taking a long, hot shower, reading scripture or walking around the block.  it doesn’t have to be time-consuming.  But it’s important to find joy early in your day.

5.  Eat a Healthy Breakfast

We hear it so often that it’s easy to roll our eyes.  But the truth is the truth.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.    Don’t scrimp on or skip this crucial meal.  I personally drink a healthy meal-replacement shake everyday!  I feel incredible and I notice a big difference if I wait too long or opt for some other option.  Most of us are in such a hurry that it’s easy to skip.  Click here to get a sample of my favorite shake!  diabetic-breakfast

6.  Take in Nature

As you’re going to work, pause to marvel at the miracle of your surroundings.
According to authors Jeffrey Brantley, MD, and Wendy Millstine, NC in their book Five Good Minutes: 100 Morning Practices to Help You Stay Calm & Focused All Day Long:
“When you take this time to open your senses to the pleasures of what is just outside your door, you open your mind and body to nature’s restorative power to soothe and heal you.” They suggest taking five minutes to “listen to the rustle of the wind through the trees” and to “smell the salty scent of the sea air.” Look at the ground, grass, trees, sun and anything else in your environment as though you’re seeing it for the very first time. What can you do in the morning to open your senses to nature?

7.  Give Yourself Extra Time

No Doubt for some of these activities, it helps to have extra time. This means having to wake up earlier than you normally do. But this doesn’t mean renovating your routine. Most people can adjust their nighttime schedule, and go to bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier. This way you’re still enjoying the same amount of sleep. What makes a great morning will vary with each person.

Whether you can do ALL or SOME, the important thing is to get your day started!

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